CU-SeeMe Downloads


Cornell CU-SeeMe v 1.0 -

Patchcu program - This squeek icon patch is used to make the icons appear in a more understandable form. See the Cornell page for more info.

SeeMeFreely - Features include multiple live videos with chat and private messaging. Send live or created video. Chat with people all over the world, sharing ideas and information. This is a none intrusive program and requires no uninstaller. Current Version: -- 25-Jul-03

White Pine 3.1.2 build 007 cu312.exe - This version will install the White Pine MJPEG codec however, you will need a serial number to use the program itself (installs in Demo Mode without it).

The trial version of CU 5.0 is cuseeme5.exe


CU-SeeMe-1.0b10 for MAC - Works well in Classic Mode under OS X.

Vchat MAC CU client - VChat is a CU-Seeme video conferencing client for use with the Apple MacOS X operating system which will work natively in Mac OSX 10.2 or higher. Version: 1.0a50

White Pines CU-SeeMe for MAC


QSeeMe - (libc6) Not quite a replacement for the full CU-SeeMe but enough for many purposes. QSeeMe does not include either video or audio support, but is used by taking a screen capture of your other video camera display window (or any other window). This version supports sending video (grayscale) receiving video (grayscale, M-JPEG and H.263), audio and chat. This is a still under development version but no new versions have been produced for some time.


See codec page.

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